Frequently Asked Questions

What is Travelling Goose?

A website designed for the common traveller; to create a personalised travel map, help to track where you have been and where you are about to adventure and for you to share all your amazing moments captured in pictures!

How Do I Share My Map?

It's really easy to share your travel map, once logged into your account you will see a large "Share Map" button which will enable you to share your travel map on your Facebook.

Can I Make My Map Private?

Yes certainly. You can make your travel map private by logging in, navigating to your 'account' and switching your privacy settings on.

Only Been To One Country?

If you've only been to one country, thats great and its certainly a great time to start tracking your travels for all to see!

How Many Places Can I Add?

There is absolutely no limit to how many places you can add to your travel map.

How Do I Save A Journey?

Once you have completed a journey you can save the journey by clicking "Save Map" once logged in.

More Than One Account?

If you really want you can have as many accounts as you please.

How Can I Delete My Map?

You can remove yourself from Travelling Goose completely by contacting our support here.

How Do I Add A Marker?

To add a marker simply "Search" for the place or destination and click "Add To Map".

Removing A Marker?

You can remove any marker from your travel map by right clicking on the marker and hitting remove.

How Do I Add A Picture?

To add a picture to a specific map point all you have to do is click the edit icon next the the #snaps heading on your journal page.

Removing A Picture?

To remove a picture from a specific map point simply navigate to the picture you want to remove and right click on it.

Storing of Information?

We purely only store information you have given to us about your travels and we certainly do not sell or share your data to any third party, at all.

Can I Email You?

You can email us for any type of support or information by using the email address listed here: