Create your Travel Map

Create Your Own Travel Map

Create your own personalised travel map of places you have visited and are planning to visit with ease. You can populate your own travel map with pins, adding itinerary and pictures to each destination you visited.

Travelling around the world should be a fun and exciting experience. Your travel map can assist you in your journey, making your experience better.

Your Travel Map Key Features

  • Your travel map allows you to pin locations on your map of places you have visited.
  • Your can share you travel map with friends and family
  • You can add itinerary to each location you have visited
  • You travel map is accessible everywhere on the go
  • Your travel map is free and only takes on click!

How It Works?

Simply become a member of Travelling Goose and start creating your own travel map, pinning points from your journey on your personal map adding pictures and itinerary to each on your way. Sharing your adventures with all your friends at every point.

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